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  1. How do I apply for an exemption?

    Complete the Exemption Affidavit which is a portion of the paperwork required in order to enroll with the State Bar of Georgia.

  2. Is an established school chapter required to pay the $50.00 chapter dues every year?


  3. What are the responsibilities of the Chapter Council Faculty Members?

    Each SOLACE request generates only one email. You can expect to receive one or two emails per month. If you are able to assist, the email will contain information regarding how to contact the person in need or that person’s representative. If you are not able to assist, there will be no further contacts regarding the request.

  4. What do students receive as members of the Georgia Law Honor Society?

    Each dues-paying student member receives a membership certificate and pin, and graduating seniors in good standing will have the opportunity to purchase purple honor cords to reflect their membership at graduation ceremonies.

  5. Which students are eligible?

    Student membership in a school chapter is based upon the following qualifications: (1) Member of the junior or senior class; (2) In attendance for at least one semester in the chapter school; (3) Completed or currently enrolled in qualifying law-related coursework; (4) Meet/exceed required minimum GPA (set by school; no less than 3.0); (5) At least one qualifying law-related activity; and (6) At least one qualifying law-related community service project.