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  1. How is JDPP authorized?

  2. What do Judicial District Professionalism Committees do?

    The JDPCs promote traditions of civility and professionalism through increased communication, education, and the informal use of local peer influence to alter unprofessional conduct on a voluntary basis. A JDPC may choose to serve the following functions:

    * Mentoring - providing guidance in "best practices" for lawyers and judges
    * Mechanism for privately receiving and attempting to resolve inquiries and requests for assistance from lawyers and judges on an informal basis. In this regard, JDPP addresses disputes between lawyers and lawyers and disputes between lawyers and judges.
    * Initiator of other creative programs developed and implemented by each committee for the particular Judicial District.

  3. What is the Judicial District Professionalism Program (JDPP)?

    What is the Judicial District Professionalism Program (JDPP)?

  4. What is the structure of the JDPP?

    The JDPP is the name of the overall program which is comprised of committees of Board of Governors members from each of Georgia's ten Judicial Districts. These committees are called Judicial District Professionalism Committees. Each Judicial District Professionalism Committee (JDPC) consists of the current members of the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia from the particular Judicial District. The JDPC members for each of the Judicial Districts select one or more Judicial Advisors within each district. The longest serving member on the Board of Governors serves as the Chair for that District.