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  1. A late fee of $75 is assessed after 8/1 and you are ineligible to practice after 9/1. Another late fee of $100 is assessed after 1/1 (Total Late Fee $175). After the second year of unpaid status, your membership status is changed to administratively suspended. Your membership will remain as administratively suspended for a five year period starting after the first year that you did not pay your annual dues. During this five year period, you may reinstate by being recertified thru the Fitness process with Bar Admissions, completing several administrative requirements and paying additional penalty fees, dues and late fees. After the five-year period, you will be required to retake the Bar Exam to be readmitted.

  2. If I live out of state and do not practice in Georgia, am I required to go inactive?

  3. What do students receive as members of the Georgia Law Honor Society?

  4. Yes

  5. Yes

    The Online Directory is a direct reflection of the State Bar of Georgia's membership database. To change this information, you can change your address online by clicking here, write an email to membership@gabar.org or send a fax to the Membership Department at 404-527-8747.

  6. You would simply need to send a check for the difference in active and inactive dues for that year. Be sure to include your Bar Number and a note that you would like to become active. The check should be sent to:

    State Bar of Georgia
    P.O. Box 102054
    Atlanta, GA 30368-2054