High School Mock Trial Program

Welcome to the Georgia High School Mock Trial Program!

The clean copy of the case materials have been posted to the Team Information page. Teams are required to use clean copies of statements and exhibits during competition Rounds. A separate file of just the affected pages of the case materials has also been provided to make updating notebooks easier.

The 2015 Craig Harding Memorial Court Artist Contest Registration is now available on the Contest's page (under Competition Information). The Registration deadline has been extended to Thursday, Jan. 22.

Information about each Regional Competition has been posted to the Competition Information page, including addresses, dates and times. This information has been sent to each team's primary teacher coach in the Team Logistics Memo.

The Region Assignments for the 2015 season have been updated! They are available on the Team Information page.

Reminder for all teams: Any additions or deletions to the attorney coach roster for the 2015 season must be reported by the teacher coach using the Supplemental Attorney Coach form, found in the Forms section of the Team Information page.

The 2015 Season Calendar has all of the important dates for the season. It has been updated recently to reflect the changes with the addition/deletion of Regions. It also reflects the new date for the State Finals Competition; the new date is Saturday, March 14. Please share the calendar with your team so all of these dates are set aside early!