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Mailing Lists

For questions regarding mailing lists, please contact:

Karen Nix, Senior Administrator
Membership Department
State Bar of Georgia
104 Marietta St. NW, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30303
Fax 404-527-8747

General Information

Information provided as an emailed electronic file (available for approved use, in various formats, i.e. Excel (.xls), database (.dbf), Ascii delimited (.txt), for a one-time use only. 

Please note: Mailing addresses are not NCOA (National Change of Address) certified.

Cost of Labels or List (per label or per record)

  1. 6¢ each for accredited CLE Sponsors and for Local and Circuit Bars
  2. 15¢ each for Profit Organizations/Commercial purposes including non-accredited CLE providers
  3. 4¢ each for law office announcements for bar members
  4. 4.5¢ each for additional sets of labels for bar election mailings by candidates in contested races (first set free)
  5. 10¢ each for State Election Candidates
  6. $25 minimum charge per order

Note: We do not make email addresses or fax numbers available except as provided by Executive Committee Policy 500. We do not sell email addresses. (Please see Executive Committee Policy 500 for their availability for limited purposes.)

Label Demographics (as of Aug. 1, 2022)

Total active members in good standing: 41,045
Total inactive members in good standing: 8,343
Total emeritus members: 3,885
Total affiliate members: 16
Total student members: 400
Total foreign law consultants: 6
Total: 53,695

Total Active 41,045; Instate Active 33,552
Total Inactive 8,343; Instate Inactive 2,829
Total Out of State Members 13,007 (included in above total)
Total Female 21,035; Total Female Instate 15,307

Membership information in our system changes on a daily basis. Membership in the State Bar of Georgia is required in order to practice law in the State of Georgia.

Label Sort/Criteria

Zip Code
Law School
Date of Admission
Date of Birth
Section Membership
Judicial District
Judicial Circuit
Member Type (active, inactive, etc.)
Combinations of the above

Please Note: We do not keep information regarding race, nationality or practice specialty.

How to Submit Requests

List requests should be submitted by email to Request should include purpose for which list will be used and a sample of materials to be mailed. The information provided is for a one-time use only. In some instances, Executive Committee approval may be required to proceed with the order.

Time Frame

Please allow 7-10 business days for list to be available for purchase online.