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  1. How do I obtain a disciplinary history?

    Any member seeking a disciplinary history that includes information about grievances or actions that are currently pending in confidential status, or about private discipline, should send their written request to the Office of the General Counsel, State Bar of Georgia, 104 Marietta Street, Suite 100, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, Attn: Deloise Mathews. The request must include the member's explicit authorization to release such information. Requests sent via email are not accepted. There is no cost to a member requesting their own disciplinary history.
  2. How long should I keep closed client files?

    All Mentors receive copies of the program brochure from ICLE of Georgia whenever a live version of the event is scheduled. To arrange a video rental or internet streaming of a previously recorded “Mentor Orientation Program” contact ICLE of Georgia at icle@iclega.org or 800-422-0893 (toll free).
  3. How many SOLACE emails will I receive?

    Each SOLACE request generates only one email. You can expect to receive one or two emails per month. If you are able to assist, the email will contain information regarding how to contact the person in need or that person’s representative. If you are not able to assist, there will be no further contacts regarding the request.
  4. May I take a new case if it will require me to sue a former client?

    No. However, TILPP offers an optional “Mentor Orientation Program” facilitated by ICLE of Georgia. The Mentor Orientation is a three-hour program created by ICLE and currently offered live at the State Bar Building in Atlanta and simulcast to State Bar satellite offices. Each Mentor who takes the Mentor Orientation will receive three (3) hours of complimentary CLE credit including one (1) hour of Ethics and one (1) hour of Professionalism. Mentors who have attended the Mentor Orientation in one year are not required to repeat it if they serve as Mentors in subsequent years.
  5. Where can I file a complaint against my attorney or report a problem with my attorney?

    The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) of the State Bar of Georgia handles problems between attorneys and clients. CAP has many ways to help solve your problems. For general and statistical information about CAP, please see the CAP Web page. If you wish to speak to a CAP Administrator, please call 1-800-334-6865 and ask for the CAP line, or dial direct to 404-527-8759. CAP cannot receive inquiries by email.