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  1. How did SOLACE originate?

    SOLACE started in Louisiana. It was conceived by United States District Court Judge Jay Zainey of New Orleans as a way for the bar to reach out in a meaningful way when a member of the legal community suffered a loss or developed a need as the result of a sudden catastrophic event.

  2. Will I be asked for money?

    SOLACE will not solicit cash contributions. The point of SOLACE is to tap into the legal community’s network of contacts. Often what is needed is in-kind donations or non-monetary assistance such as transportation, housing, or a medical referral. Any monetary donations that SOLACE receives will be returned to the donor.

  3. How do I opt out of SOLACE emails?

    If you do not wish to receive SOLACE emails, reply to any SOLACE email you receive and request to be removed from the mailing or follow the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any SOLACE email.

  4. How many SOLACE emails will I receive?

    Each SOLACE request generates only one email. You can expect to receive one or two emails per month. If you are able to assist, the email will contain information regarding how to contact the person in need or that person’s representative. If you are not able to assist, there will be no further contacts regarding the request.

  5. How may I submit a request for SOLACE assistance?

    To submit a request for SOLACE assistance for yourself or another member of the legal community, start with an email to, briefly identifying and describing the crisis and needs.

  6. If I have a need and make a request through SOLACE, will my confidentiality be maintained?

    Confidentiality is of paramount concern. If you have a need, a SOLACE coordinator will work with you to write an email that explains the need and maintains your confidentiality. You will need to provide contact information for potential donors, but you are encouraged to use an anonymous email address for this purpose if you are concerned about confidentiality. Depending on the nature of the request, you may also wish to designate a family member to receive the SOLACE responses.

  7. Who qualifies for assistance through SOLACE?

    Any lawyer or judge and anyone who is employed by a law firm, a court, or the State Bar of Georgia, and their family members (wherever they may be located), are eligible for assistance through SOLACE. As we do not have the capacity to do all things for all people, the scope of the SOLACE program is limited to the categories listed.

  8. Who receives SOLACE emails?

    Initially, attorneys who are members of the State Bar of Georgia will receive SOLACE emails. Anyone within the legal community can be added at their request.

  9. How is SOLACE funded and administered?

    SOLACE is a program of the State Bar of Georgia. The State Bar of Georgia staff liaison coordinates requests and responses with the committee chairpersons via the SOLACE email, Otherwise, requests are kept confidential unless the person requesting assistance authorizes disclosure.

  10. What is SOLACE?

    SOLACE is a network of individuals within the legal community who are willing to consider providing nonmonetary assistance to help lawyers and other members of the legal community who need support because of a sudden catastrophic event such as illness, injury, fire or natural disaster. It is administered through the State Bar of Georgia.