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  1. Yes
  2. Are communications between the Inside Mentor and the Beginning Lawyer confidential?

    The confidentiality of communications between the Inside Mentor and Beginning Lawyer will depend on the firm’s or office’s policies subject to applicable Rules and Regulations of the State Bar of Georgia.
  3. Can a Beginning Lawyer nominate the person he wishes to have appointed as his Inside Mentor?

    To submit a request for SOLACE assistance for yourself or another member of the legal community, start with an email to SOLACE@gabar.org, briefly identifying and describing the crisis and needs.
  4. Complete and submit the Completion of Judicial Clerkship Form to the State Bar of Georgia Transition Into Law Practice Program. Upon receipt of your completion form, you will receive complete information about how to enroll in TILPP, or how to request an exemption from TILPP.

    We use the lunch break to prepare students with speaking roles for the mock trial.  We cannot supply the scripts in advance. The students use the scripts throughout the trial; no memorizing is necessary.
  5. Does the State Bar of Georgia provide pro hac vice applicants with a bar number?

    No, pro hac vice applicants do not receive a bar number. 

  6. If I am a judicial law clerk, does the Transition Into Law Practice Program apply to me?

    Pro Hac Vice
  7. Is there a lunch break during the tour?

  8. TILPP

    Yes. Homeschool groups may attend Journey Through Justice on Mondays and Tuesdays. If your group wants to come on another day of the week, we will try to accommodate you, but we may not be able to provide free parking in our parking deck. Our program is designed for students in grades 4-12; no child younger than 4th grade will be allowed in the classroom or courtroom. Parents with younger children should make alternate arrangements for those children or arrange, in advance of your arrival at the Bar, for another group parent to take responsibility for the older child(ren). In the latter case, you must complete the form HERE before leaving the Bar.
  9. What do I do upon the completion of my judicial clerkship?

  10. What if I need to cancel my Journey Through Justice?

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