State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia

ELF_Web21Elizabeth L. Fite is the 59th president of the State Bar of Georgia.

Fite, co-founder of Rogers & Fite, was installed as the 59th president of the 52,000-member State Bar of Georgia on June 12. She is the fifth woman to serve as president of the organization.

Fite has previously served as secretary and treasurer of the State Bar, and for the past year, as president-elect.

Fite grew up in south Arkansas and earned her degree in mathematics from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Despite actually enjoying things like multivariable calculus and physics, Fite’s true passion has always been helping others peacefully resolve their disagreements and advocating for those who could not advocate effectively for themselves. As a result, Fite moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University School of Law, where she obtained her Juris Doctorate. She has happily called Atlanta her home ever since, notwithstanding the traffic.

Currently, Fite is a co-founder of Rogers & Fite with her friend and raconteur, the 55th president of the State Bar of Georgia, Brian D. “Buck” Rogers. At Rogers & Fite, Elizabeth and Buck are road safety advocates first, who aggressively represent those who have suffered catastrophic injuries or lost loved ones as a result of tractor trailer collisions or other commercial vehicle wrecks. In addition, Rogers & Fite pursues the civil prosecution of DUI and dram shop cases. Fite is aided every day by her prior experience defending large companies in products liability and wrongful death actions, handling business disputes and representing DeKalb County in public safety matters.

Like many of her predecessors, Fite is also the recipient of multiple awards reflecting her commitment to the profession and the State Bar of Georgia. Although eternally grateful for those recognitions and honors, among her proudest achievements to date is serving on the Judicial COVID-19 Task Force and working side-by-side with members of the bench and bar tasked with shepherding the justice system through a (hopefully) once- in-a-lifetime public health crisis. Through her work on the task force, Fite proudly witnessed professionalism, collegiality and servant-leadership regularly demonstrated.

In the scant few hours every week that she isn’t practicing law or proudly serving the 52,000 members of the State Bar of Georgia, Fite enjoys volunteering at Canine CellMates; caring for her disobedient, yet utterly charming pup, Betty White; faithfully attending Pure Barre classes; and, if she’s lucky, sleeping.