State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia

In 1883, 33 attorneys formed the first Georgia Bar Association. The purpose of the Association was to "advance the science of jurisprudence, promote the administration of justice throughout the State, uphold the honor of the profession of law" and establish cordial dealings between members of the profession.

The Younger Lawyers Section (YLS) was created on May 31, 1947, at the State Bar's Annual Meeting. The basic structure of the Section consisted of four officers, an Executive Committee and Executive Council. The YLS was created in order to further the original goals of the charter members of the State Bar of Georgia, along with fostering among the members of the Bar the principles of duty and service to the public, and to encourage the interest and participation of younger members of the State Bar.

When the YLS was first enacted, all members of the State Bar who had not reached their 36th birthday were automatically members of the YLS. It was later added that attorneys, regardless of age, who had been admitted to their first bar less than three years were also considered members of the YLS. The basic structure and purpose of the organization remain the same today, however, in June of 1998 the Section was renamed the Young Lawyers Division (YLD).

The Young Lawyers Division has been strengthened over the years through guidance by the State Bar of Georgia, its Executive Committee and Board of Governors, the Supreme Court and through dedicated service rendered by its members. In keeping with its motto of "working for the profession and the public," the YLD has more than 25 hard-working committees that provide service to the public and the Bar through an array of projects and programs. Through the years, the YLD has also gained national recognition by winning several American Bar Association awards for its projects and publications.