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Team Information

Season Calendar

This contains the dates for the 2021 season as they currently stand. Please make sure that all dates for the 2021 season are given to your team's students, coaches and parents: 2021 Season Calendar

May It Please the Court

Teams wishing to order a copy of May It Please the Court can do so using this order form.

2021 Season Materials

The 2021 case materials, forms, and manuals will be posted behind the password below. Upon registration for the 2021 season, teams will receive a unique username and password to access the case materials. This information will be included on the Registration Confirmation Report emailed by the Mock Trial office to the Primary Teacher Coach after the registration is processed. The usernames/passwords will not be turned on until early October.

The Mock Trial office will only release any username or password information to primary Teacher Coaches who contact the Mock Trial office via the Teacher Coach's email on file with the office. All other requests will be directed to the primary Teacher Coach for the team.


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