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Georgia Student Bar Association


The Georgia High School Student Bar Association was created in 1998 after the first annual Law Academy. Near the end of the weekend, attendees take the Student Bar Examination, in two parts: (1) a written/objective test on the Rules of the Competition, the Rules of Evidence used for the Competition, and other material covered during the Law Academy weekend; and (2) an oral closing argument based on the case being used throughout the curriculum of the Academy.

Students earning scores of 80 or higher are admitted to the Student Bar Association, and students earning scores of 90 or higher are admitted with honors. Students admitted in each class receive certificates at the annual State Finals Awards Ceremony, which this season will take place on Saturday, March 23, 2024 at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center in Lawrenceville.


The Members of the Georgia Student Bar Association Class of 2023


Admitted with Honors

Sierra Liu Qi Abbasi

Shivang Ahlawat

Sonia Mehr Alizadeh

Cayla Bailey

Aniston LaShay Chastain

Jaiden Nechelle Clark

Sanjana Sai Diddige

Stephanie T. Ezenne

Audrey Rose Galletti

Brielle Rebekah Givan

Neha Reddy Gurram

Elizabeth Hunter Jarrard

Catherine Fahy Kassey

Claire Marie Kim

Davi Batista Leal

Aditi Narayanan

Claire Park

Cooper Kenan Powers

Brooke Scherer

Chitvan Singh

Gwyneth Noelle Solomon

Paula Marie Stoeva

Shivani Yadavalli


Zoya Bandukwala

Semora Leigh Brabson

Aidan Dane Brooks

Mary Anna Collins

Alexander Alan Gee

Emerson Wells Hall

Alexina Christine Harvey

Max G. Heller

Breland Paris Hill

Lily Leigh Hooks

Trisha Nanda Kumar

Claudia Danielle Lancheros

Camila Luna

Kayleigh Elizabeth Maples

Carleysue Elizabeth Mayes

Ashley Lauren Vinson