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New Membership (BY MOTION) Enrollment Information

If you have not been approved by the Office of Bar Admissions and would like more information regarding Admission on Motion, please visit the Office of Bar Admission's website.

If you have been approved by the Office of Bar Admissions, congratulations!

The first step in the admission process is to be sworn in to the Superior Court. You may contact the clerk of the Superior Court for any county in the state to make an appointment. If you reside out of state and wish to be sworn in by proxy, contact Nicholas Cotten with the Fulton County Superior Court Clerks office at for additional information.

One word of caution: your first year of license fees to the State Bar of Georgia depends on your swearing-in date, and you have some discretion in choosing that date, and as a result, the amount of license fees you pay. Of course, if you have a job or have other employment objectives which require you to give legal advice, you will need to be sworn in and enroll in the State Bar of Georgia before engaging in the practice of law and that will trump any other timing decisions on when to be sworn in.

NOTE: If you are sworn in after July, you will owe a monthly prorated amount based on the month you were sworn in. If you were sworn in during July, you will owe the entire license fee amount for the year. Please see the license fee notice and associated proration chart for amount due.

Regardless of when you choose to be sworn in, you must enroll with the State Bar of Georgia within 60 days of your swearing-in date to avoid paying a late registration penalty. ($100)

If you are not currently employed and/or do not plan to practice in Georgia at this time, you may enroll as an inactive member but you cannot practice law or provide any legal advice as an inactive member.

Once enrolled as an active member, you are authorized to practice in Superior and all lower courts in the state. You may choose to be sworn in separately to the Court of Appeals of Georgia, Supreme Court of Georgia and federal district courts by contacting these courts. The Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar sponsors mass swearing-in ceremonies twice a year for the higher courts and will send out information to new members after you have enrolled.

Items Necessary for Enrollment

**All steps below are mandatory. Please make sure you fill out ALL forms.**

  1. The Attorney Oath and Order: Please check with the Clerk to see if your oath will be electronically transmitted to the Bar or if you need to provide a paper copy with your enrollment package.
  2. The Membership Enrollment Form: It must be signed. Blue ink is preferred. Download the enrollment form.
  3. Payment of Fees: The State Bar of Georgia encourages payment by credit card to expedite enrollment. To pay by credit card, please email all enrollment forms to We will email instructions to pay the enrollment fees online. If paying by credit card, you do not need to send in the license fee notice and can choose your sections online at the time of payment. If you prefer to pay by check, please make check or money order payable to State Bar of Georgia and mail your forms (including the license fee notice) to State Bar of Georgia: Membership Department, PO Box 102054, Atlanta, GA 30368-2054. Download the license fee notice and proration form.
  4. Late Enrollment: The Failure to Register Affidavit is required along with a $100 late fee if enrolling past 60 days of being sworn in. Download the failure to register affidavit.
  5. Name Change: Enclose a photocopy of marriage certificate if your name has changed since you were approved on motion by the Office of Bar Admissions.

If you need enrollment assistance, contact the Membership Department at 404-527-8777 or 800-334-6865, ext. 777, or via email at

Membership and Enrollment Rules

Part 1. Chapter 2. Membership
Part 1. Chapter 5. Finance
State Bar Bylaws, Article 1. Members