State Bar of Georgia
State Bar of Georgia

21st Annual Chief Justice Thomas O. Marshall Professionalism Awards

The Bench and Bar Committee of the State Bar of Georgia invites you to nominate one lawyer and one judge who have demonstrated the highest professional conduct and paramount reputation for professionalism for its 21st Annual Chief Justice Thomas O. Marshall Professionalism Awards. You may nominate one lawyer and one judge candidate, but you must use a separate form for each nomination. A letter of recommendation outlining the candidate’s background must also accompany the form.

Nominations submitted last year and the previous four years will also be considered and we have those on file. If you wish to add any additional supporting materials to a previous nomination you may do so.

Download a nomination form here.

The award recipients will be selected by the past presidents of the State Bar of Georgia at the 2022 Midyear Meeting in January and presented to the recipients at the Annual Meeting in June.

Please note that the deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, Dec. 17, 2021.

Past Award Recipients

Hon. John D. Allen
Hon. Robert Benham
Hon. George H. Carley
Hon. E. Purnell Davis
Hon. Philip F. Etheridge
Hon. Norman Fletcher
Hon. Ronald H. Ginsberg
Hon. John E. Girardeau
Hon. P. Harris Hines
Hon. Carol W. Hunstein
Hon. Steve C. Jones
Hon. George H. Kreeger
Hon H. Arthur McLane
Hon. Charles Mikell Jr.
Hon. Harold L. Murphy
Hon. Herbert E. Phipps
Hon. Toby Prodgers
Hon. Leah Ward Sears
Hon. Lamar W. Sizemore Jr.
Hon. Alvin T. Wong

Jeffrey O. Bramlett
Manley F. Brown
Thomas C. Chambers III
George “Buddy” Darden III
Richard H. Deane Jr.
John A. Dickerson
A. James Elliott
Steven Gottlieb
Hardy Gregory Jr.
Lester B. Johnson III
Linda Klein
Hugh B. McNatt
E. Wycliffe Orr
Paul W. Painter Jr.
Patrick J. Rice
J. Douglas Stewart
Edward E. Tolley
Christopher A. Townley
N. Harvey Weitz
Robert G. Wellon